Want a cool way to integrate paper scraps, string, glue, and various materials into sculptures showing the basic lines?  Look no farther than this line project.  Continue reading

Is Piet Mondrian a great artist or what?!  He is everywhere.

I love his work because it makes me think, “I can do that!” but there are so many subtle things associated with his work that makes me rethink him over and over again.  His artwork is perfect for young children: lines, squares, primary colors.  His work also gives a springboard for mixing primary colors and experimenting with lines and shapes. Continue reading

IMG_6584As a beginning art teacher, new to this wonderful world of teaching art to children, I have a lot to learn. Continue reading

For this assignment, students were told they needed to make a variety of lines on their paper.  The catch, once their crayon starts making lines, it must not lift off of the paper.  The paper must be filled and the lines need to be varied (no loopy loops over and over again).  This involves planning.

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