Every year I do a project to introduce/review lines, shapes, and symbols.  Kids love putting their skills to work and then seeing their hard work on display on one of our school’s bulletin boards.  I love how it all comes together to show our wonderful community of learners.  Continue reading

We all know how sub plans are the bane of a teacher’s life.   Continue reading

Okay, I will admit it.  I had ulterior motives when we did this weaving project. Yes, I had a bag of over 500 compact discs I needed to get rid of.  And a blank wall just screaming for art. Continue reading

Recently, as I stapled artwork into a wall for a bulletin board display, a fellow teacher stopped by to chat. He looked at the art and pointed to one of the pieces.  He then said, “See, now this kid has a natural ability.  This other one doesn’t.  You can tell that this person is going to be more artistic, they have this ability at an early age.”  Continue reading