We all know how sub plans are the bane of a teacher’s life.   Continue reading

Is Piet Mondrian a great artist or what?!  He is everywhere.

I love his work because it makes me think, “I can do that!” but there are so many subtle things associated with his work that makes me rethink him over and over again.  His artwork is perfect for young children: lines, squares, primary colors.  His work also gives a springboard for mixing primary colors and experimenting with lines and shapes. Continue reading

Keith Haring is a very fun artist to study, though I heavily advise you pick out the photos you want to share rather than just pull him up on Google.  His artwork is fun for young children to look at because of his simple shapes, bright colors, and lines to show movement. It also works […]

Every year I have my first graders do a project involving value.  They paint a circle with white paint, and then they add a little bit of blue, then a lot, and then finally black all in a circle. We add black bats to our sky and it always looks great.  Perfect for Halloween. This year, […]

Recently, as I stapled artwork into a wall for a bulletin board display, a fellow teacher stopped by to chat. He looked at the art and pointed to one of the pieces.  He then said, “See, now this kid has a natural ability.  This other one doesn’t.  You can tell that this person is going to be more artistic, they have this ability at an early age.”  Continue reading