Keith Haring is a very fun artist to study, though I heavily advise you pick out the photos you want to share rather than just pull him up on Google.  His artwork is fun for young children to look at because of his simple shapes, bright colors, and lines to show movement. It also works […]

I love making monsters.  Monsters are super fun because anything goes with them.  You don’t have to make them look like anything except what you want them to be.  They can have eyes on their fingers, their toes, their stomachs.  They can be pretty or ugly or something in-between.  Sky is the limit and there is no pressure.  Just fun.

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Beetles are beautiful. Such brilliant iridescent colors, so many varieties.  You can spend a lot of time drawing different kinds, and even more using different mediums to capture their beauty.  I find them much easier to learn how to draw than butterflies too.  I can never get butterfly wings to look symmetrical.  The great thing about beetles is children love them too! Continue reading

Second grade loves buildings.  It may be because these students have the unique opportunity to travel to major cities and see famous monuments all over the world on a regular basis.  Life at an international school.  Discussions went from Burj Khalifa to Eiffel Tower to the Hagia Sophia, and then back again.  Pretty entertaining for a girl who never left North America until she was 35.

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After we learned a little bit about Vincent Van Gogh and celebrated his many works of art, it was time to start creating.  Most of my children had seen the painting “Starry Night” and some had even done an art project based on it.  I personally don’t like replicating artwork.  I want everyone to come […]

Do you know that Vincent Van Gogh suffered from a rare form of epilepsy?  Did you know that it is now believed he did not die of his own hand (shot himself in the stomach), but was shot by a teenager in the country, dying of his wound three days later? Me neither.  Not until I started teaching my students about him.

Vincent Van Gogh, the artist we don’t know.

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I love fall.  I don’t get to experience the Sacramento, California fall, and I haven’t for ten years now. I miss it. I live in a land of sand, where an occasional rain shower lasts a few drops, just enough to make the dust on the trees turn into mud.  The weather turns cool, down to a pleasant 85 degrees in the daytime, but colors never change. Seasonal differences are small, but I get so excited because they are changes. 

I make my own fall here.  I do this with my students.  We make fall trees and pumpkins. Second grade gets to make fall leaves. Continue reading