And, we are off. Come with me as I break down Kindergarten art into manageable parts for fellow teachers and parents.

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This is long posting.  To see the artwork only, called 49 Cakes for 49 Birthdays, visit the Personal Art Projects, Portfolio, Painting portion of this site.  The following post is about my process. Continue reading

Here is a video picture book I made using Adobe Spark, Adobe Sketch, and Emojime. Continue reading

This Distance Learning adventure is taking us all to new levels of technology and art integration.  By chance, I found a new toy: the Stop Motion Studio App in the Apple Store.  It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s introducing me to a whole different world.  Just what I need right now.


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Every year I start off with teaching/reviewing the first element of art: lines.  Zentangles are a fantastic way to teach lines and patterns. Zentangles range from easy to complex and students get to practice adding their own twists to the designs they learn how to draw.In conjunction with…

As we embark on this new adventure called Distance Learning, I want to invite all of you to use the incredible amount of online ideas already out there.  I made some menus to help parents who are at home with their children.  The ideas are for grades K – 2 but they can be for […]

I have done this lesson every year for the past seven years, and with good reason.  It touches so many key art skills.  Drawing from observation, overlapping shapes, drawing off the paper, stippling, texture, warm and cool colors, and details.

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