Zentangles are a great way to learn new drawing skills, increase your self-confidence, reduce stress, and develop your own creativity.

I did this lesson for my students right before vacation. This is the lesson on YouTube. It is in two parts because you need to make sure the coffee filter dries.

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It’s that time of year again. I fell in love with Inktober last year. I didn’t complete all the challenges as I learned about it mid-October; but I was determined Inktober 2020 was going to be different. Then 2020 happened. And you all know how that’s going. I’m literally checking my news feed every five minutes as I work on this post. The election is happening right now. RIGHT NOW. And I can’t do much more than watch those results come in.

Back to Inktober. I promised myself I wouldn’t post until I got to 15 drawings, but it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve drawn my last and I also made a promise to keep myself accountable and post my work, regardless. So, here goes.

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Please refer to my blog post for details on drawings. I try to give credit when I can. Most are drawn from reference photos or drawings with my imagination thrown in.

This year, I am really into the holidays. I don’t know why, but I’ve been wanting to decorate for Christmas starting right after Halloween.  I’ve embraced holidays in my classroom this year and we are doing lots of “seasonal” lessons.  It’s actually pretty cool because these lessons also…

Distance learning can never replace in person, but what are you going to do in a pandemic. Keep far away from people, that’s what. As you view my videos and lessons, remember that they are starting points. There is so much material out there on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram. We are living in such an amazing time. We got this! Keep calm and draw lines, lots and lots of lines. It’s very therapeutic, especially if you have a silent room, or soft music playing in the background.

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